Practitioner Training: Healing Digestion and Bloat (Level 4)

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Do you want to take total control over your digestive health? Do you want to heal leaky gut, reflux, bloating and other common digestive issues? One of the best ways to heal your body is to first understand it. In this course, we cover the very best way you can care for your digestive system. Includes extensive frequency libraries with new Rife combinations frequencies, stem cell activation and other special programs. 

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You can see the libraries included in Practitioner training here:

  • Did you know that the pancreas is one of the first organs to show chronic stress due to enzyme depletion? 
  • How about that Reflux is due to chronic low stomach acid and now high acid and that acid blockers can lead to deeper health issues? 
  • How significant is the health of your nervous system to the overall health of your digestion and what can be done about it. 
  • What percentage of the population end up with H. Pylori, a chronic stomach infection, than can result in other problems.
  • What is the best way to support liver health and how is it related to skin health, immune system and more? 

Get a comprehensive understanding of how to take total control of your digestion. Learn how to use dynamic frequency programs with Rife frequencies and more in this special bundle of frequencies that comes with this series. 

The modules contain comprehensive classes, all recorded. Watch as many times as you wish! It also contains summarized notes and detailed guides to all of the frequency libraries. All the below frequency libraries include guides that define all the items in the program. 

Includes these Frequency Libraries:

Digestive Tonifier 1 Digestive Cells and Organs - all the digestive physiology. 20,000 Hz for powerful regeneration of the entire digestive system restored to home frequency. 528 Hz for regeneration of GI Secretions and motility. Parietal cells heal now for restoration of proper Hydrochloric acid. 

Digestive Tonifier 2 Musculature and Nervous System - 15 Hz Stabilization of Emotional States, 528 Hz Stimulate Repair of DNA of Digestive System and Perform Transformation and Miracles. 746 Hz Stimulate Repair and Healing of Nervous System, Calming and soothing signals to enteric nervous system, Vagus nerve Stem Cell Repair. 

Digestive Tonifier 3 Hormones - Melatonin, Gastrin, Secretin, Serotonin, Somatostain, Cholecystokinin, Ideal Secretion of CCK protects from development of food intolerances. 

Digestive Tonifier 4 Stomach Wellness - Acetylcholine, Greater curvature, H. Pylori Ulcer, Left gastric artery, Myenteric plexus, pepsin, pyloric sphincter, right gastric artery, rugae, zinc. 

Digestive Tonifier 5 Small Intestine Wellness - Amylase, Bile salts, Brunner's glands, ATP Generate 9.6 Hz, Autointoxication 20 Hz 333 Hz 522 Hz, Bile production, Cell Regeneration 111 Hz, Pyloric Sphincter. 

Digestive Tonifier 6 Large Intestine (colon) Wellness


Includes the following downloadable courses:




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Yelena May 14th 2021

Love This

I absolutely love this program! I wish I came across this years ago!

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