Expand your knowledge of holistic healing and level up your Genius strategies. These courses can be taken in any orde;. Many people do like to begin with Practitioner Level 1 to cover general strategies and session planning as you get started in your Genius practice. Choose any area of health that you are interested in, including thyroid health, cancer, hormonal balance, autoimmune disease and cardiovascular health.

Genius Practitioner Basics

Learn Strategies and Protocols for your Genius Practice. Feel confident in your abilities in your practice!

Complete Level 1 and get listed on our Practitioner Directory Website.

Cancer and Chronic Cases

Cancer and Complex Cases (Level 2) - Have you ever wondered what causes cancer? Get the powerful information you need to help people around.

Hormonal Balance

Hormones, Thyroid and Adrenals (Level 3) Learn the secrets to hormonal balance (includes thyroid, adrenals, estrogen and progesterone balance). Learn to use with the Genius. Includes special libraries created just for this course.

Digestive Health

Healing Digestion and Bloat (Level 4) - Solve Digestive Issues, including bloating, leaky gut, food allergies and more! Includes digestive balancing libraries.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss - Master concepts like calorie density, secrets to increasing metabolism and easy ways to triumph in the area of lean muscle mass and fat burning.

Immune Boost

Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites & Lyme (Level 6) - Work with viruses, bacteria, lyme and parasites. Learn how the immune system works and how to best support the system.

Heart Health

Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Heart Wellness (Level 7) Learn how to stay heart healthy for life. Includes natural strategies for lowering blood presure and blood cholesterol .


(Practitioner Level 8)

​Hashimoto's, MS & Autoimmunity (Level 8) - Autoimmunity - Understand the root cause of autoimmunity and what frequencies to use to clear the stress disturbance with this powerful series!

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