Wellness Rife Frequencies Programmed for the Genius

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Wellness Rife Frequencies and more! 
Now, run specific Rife frequencies on your Genius!
This exciting panel has specific Hz frequencies for things such normalize lymph function, stimulate the healing of nerves, stimulate the healing of muscles, create the reinforcement of DNA Integrity, stimulate increased lymph system circulation and more! Each Hz frequency for the particular out come has been entered! Use these frequencies in conjunction with your cases to create a specific effect. Use these frequencies in every harmonizing session that you do! 
For the full list of Rife Frequency libraries check here: Rife Libraries List
These are all specific Rife (Hz) frequencies have been programmed and this exciting panels includes the following:
  • Accelerate the clearing and healing of scarring
  • Activate clearing of emotional trauma
  • Balancing of Spiritual Well-Being
  • Increase Blood Circulation 
  • Relieve Mental Worrying 
  • Normalize Kidney Function
  • Normalize Hemoglobin Production 
  • Normalize Immune System Function
  • Normalize Colon Function
  • Normalize Thyroid Function
  • Normalize Progesterone Levels
  • Normalize Testosterone Levels
  • Stimulate reinforcement of DNA Integrity
  • Stimulate the healing of capillaries - Important for healthy circulation and bringing nutrition to the body! 

Reviews (2)

Anna T Jan 15th 2019

Improved my sleep

I combined the pineal normalizing, pituitary normalizing and other endocrine frequencies and found that my sleep has improved.

Dawn L Jan 15th 2019

Impressive response from these Rife Frequencies

These are similar Hz frequencies that are on Rife machines. I found the Lymphatic Circulation and Pineal Normalization very helpful. Thank you!

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