Broken Heart Healing Program

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Have you experienced a painful loss in your life? Is there a heartbreak that you would like to heal? In this program, which can be run on its own on Quick Balance helps you with the following powerful Rife frequencies.

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Here are some frequencies included in this library (not all listed):

  • Experience joy
  • Experience deep calm 1.9 Hz 3.9 Hz 5.2 Hz
  • General Aid for balance emotions
  • Life has perfect timing 
  • Love comes again
  • Love is everywhere 
  • OK to experience emotions 
  • Patterns break 417 Hz
  • Post traumatic stress release
  • Ready to face the world again
  • Reset energy and feel renewed
  • Restore a sense of well-being
  • Safe to feel emotions
  • Transformation 528 Hz
  • Unconditional Love 852 Hz
  • Vortex of heart heals
  • Worth of love 

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