Are you ready for a deep dive into Energy healing, the science behind it, and better understanding technologies available?

This is a 3 part course presented by Dr. Ariel Policano. Dr. Policano is a naturopathic doctor who has been working with energy medicine technologies including the Genius for over a decade. This course dives into the science behind energy healing and a better understanding of the technologies available!

Feel more confident in talking about vibrational medicine after understanding the core concepts taught in this course!

What to expect:

Session 1:

Are we just this physical body? What does science tell us? What does traditional medicine tell us? Know more about the science behind the chakras. Understand the mental, causal and etheric body. Learn about the profound interconnectedness of the body.

Session 2:

What effects does sound have on the human body? Cymatics gives us some clues. We look at the effects of sound and frequency on the body including the principles of entrainment, coherence and resonance. Learn about the powerful healing effects = from injuries to anxiety - from gongs, tuning forks, Tibetan Bowls and Crystal Bowls.

Session 3:

Energy Medicine Technologies today. Quantum Biofeedback, PEMF, Radionics, Voll, Rife and more. Learn about the history of quantum biofeedback and the principles these technologies are based on.

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