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Terahertz Core Box

Terahertz Double Play

What is Terahertz Technology?

The Terahertz Core Box technology is a powerful leap ahead of the terahertz wand technology. It incorporates both red and blue light as well as a unique Quantum Energy Chip.

Terahertz frequencies are found between far-infrared rays and microwave energy. It refers to electromagnetic waves with frequencies in the range 0.1 to 10 THZ. Researchers have been discovering the health benefits of terahertz therapy on the human body. Terahertz waves can benefit 3-5 centimeters of human skin, directly act on the deep tissue, supplement the energy of life cells, regulate the physiological functions of the body and accelerate the generation and decomposition of cells.

The Terahertz Core Box contains terahertz and quantum chips and utilizes both red and blue light. It also releases negative ions while you are running the box. When using the box, you also get the benefits of the trace elements. The mirror case contains iron, zinc and iodine. The energetics of these minerals are transferred while using the box.

Here are the benefits of running terahertz frequencies:

  • Penetrating biological effects. These waves can go deep and help to support wellness within the body.
  • Terahertz helps to create coherent water effects. This energy appears to reduce blood viscosity, enhance cell regeneration, improve immunity and slow the effects of aging.
  • People who have used the box report improved circulation, detoxification and increased levels of energy.

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