Emotional Anatomy: Releasing Trapped Emotions

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Here are some of the frequencies included in this library (not all listed):

  • I gain more mobility in my wrists as I move forward with grace and ease in my life
  • I am now able to release the fear I felt at the time. It was OK for me to feel the fear and it is OK to release it now. 
  • I am now ready to forgive on every level
  • I am ready to be present in my life
  • I am ready to have a profound release of locked up emotions and move forward in my life. 
  • I am ready to release the subconscious emotional wounds and truly heal on every level.
  • I am ready to release the wounds from my past. 
  • I now release any imbalances in my liver that may be related to feelings or rage. 
  • I now release the feelings of pain that I experienced during my trauma

**The Genius Biofeedback system is a tool for stress reduction and is not intended in any way to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.


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