Getting Unstuck Series 1-4

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Your thoughts become your actions and shape the life we lead. Harmonize internal blocks and start a new fresh beginning today with the Getting Unstuck Series! This series works on motivation and confidence and clarity. 

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Getting unstuck Series 1 - Releasing Blocks

  • I allow myself to achieve my goals
  • I can let fo of my addiction
  • Release Procrastination 
  • Today is the day that I begin with complete conviction of my success
  • I now have all the energy I need to achieve my goals 
  • i am completely ready to move forward

Getting unstuck series 2 - Gaining Confidence

  • Any mistakes I have made along the way were just lessons toward my success
  • I acknowledge how wonderful my achievements are
  • My goals are achieved with ease 3-6-9
  • I am worthy of achieving any goal I want to 
  • My confidence is strong and improving 528 Hz
  • I trust myself and my intution 

Getting unstuck series 3 - Motivation and clarity 

  • Every second of effort I make is worth it
  • As I have faith in my abilities, I gain clarity about my next move
  • I know it is worth worth it to strive and achieve my dreams
  • I move forward with my plans to implement the vision closest to my heart
  • I experience an energetic reboot on every level and get lasser focuseed on my goals
  • I am completley motivated to achieve my goals the end results are more than woth it to me 

Getting unstuck series 4 - Creating Fast Positive Results

  • As I look for and expect excellence, I rapidly achieve excellence
  • I attract financial abundance like a magnet
  • With clarity and confidence, I now accelerate my results
  • I am so grateful for the quick manifestation of my greatest wishes 
  • I see the goal so clearly and begin to move toward it
  • I allow my curiosity to drive my actions and completeley release fear.

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