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One of the greatest risks to our health is when the vessels no longer flow well. This program is designed to bring you a new level of awareness about the current state of energetic health of the vessels and the power to do something about it both with biofeedback and with lifestyle changes. 
Consider everything you can get your hands on that will help you to clear the vessels in a healthy way and support the elasticity and function of the smooth muscle. Also consider that the energy of the blood flows throughout the body in a series of vortices. What this means at the most basic level is that vibration matters. Your state of being, how much you are in a rhythmic flow, how much you allow those vortices to unleash their energy is all very significant. The testing libraries of this harmonizing program are meant to test these areas. 
I have provided you with several different protocols for using this program. I suggest that you always include, at a minimum, the Vessel Assessment 1 Major Arteries in your sessions along with the Nerve Assessment panel (available separately). These are 2 major sources of powerful balancing frequencies and they also shine light on issues we need to know about. For example, the nerves bring energy to different areas of the body. It is very effective to open that flow by including these nerves in your harmonizing protocol. 
Additionally, when you test the vessels, it informs us about a different form of energetic flow in the body or lack thereof. If you see lots and lots of vessels in red for that person, then you begin to learn how very important it is for them to attend to the vessel health in their body. 
Your vessel program includes the following:
Custom testing libraries included in this program
Vessel Assessment 1 Major Arteries - Use this testing as the major testing category when you don’t have time to run the arteries included in 2-6. 
Vessel Assessment 2 Head and Neck Arteries - Very important to include when dealing with any brain or hormonal issues (hormone regulation is often a top down issue, with the pituitary and hypothalamus in the brain being important).
Vessel Assessment 3 Torso and Chest Arteries - Good for anyone who is specifically working on heart disease issues.
Vessel Assessment 4 Abdomen and Pelvis - Work on for any digestive issues and for a complete look at the arteries of the body.
Vessel Assessment 5 Arm Vessels - Include when there are any issues with the arm, hand or wrist and to do an overall clearing of the vessels. 
Vessel Assessment 6 Leg Vessels - lower extremities. Very important for anyone with diabetes, peripherpal neuropathy or include for a complete check and harmonizing of the full body arteries. 
Vessel Assessment 7 Capillaries - this is circulation at the smallest level. Frequency modulation is the most important for microcirculation.
Vessel Assessment 8 Emotions - important emotional issues associated with the heart. 
Vessel Assessment 9 Solutions - supplements and herbs that help to open the vessels. 
Vessel Assessment 10 Energetic Considerations - energetics that can transform the vessels. 
Vessel Assessment 11 Hormones - Your hormonal balance can effect the health of the vessels
Vessel Assessment 12 Vessel Types - Understand and test everything from capillaries to major arteries.
Vessel Assessment 13 Artery Anatomy Assessment - Check all the physio
3 Balancing Strategic Protocols for using the program!
Vessel guide with visuals and explanations of the testing libraries.
Get the Vessel Harmonizing Program today and include these in each and every session you do with the Genius!  

Reviews (2)

Tina G Jan 15th 2019

Opening the heart

My feeling is that I am breathing better and feel much satisfaction from running this set of frequencies!

Fiona G Jan 15th 2019

My client improved with this system

I ran these frequencies every day for 25 days for my client. He reported an improvement so profound he was able to avoid a procedure! Incredible results!

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