Manifestational Magic Manifesting At Will - With Ease Program

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Would you like to manifest instantly at will? These incredible Rife frequencies and activation give you an incredible edge with with to do that! Check out this amazing library of frequencies to manifest your dreams! 


528 Hz Energy Connected to my dreams

Alignment with my dreams is alignment in my body

Connecting now with beneficial people

Fibonacci sequence entrained for natural timing of manifestation

Gamma waves generated and inspiring creativity

Golden Ratio Energy Fills My Field with Joy

I allow the removal of obstacles Ganesh energy

I am 100% worthy and deserving

I am ready to manifest my dreams 

I am willing to be happy and satisfied

I become inspired with ideals for manifesting my dreams

I easily connect with the wish-fulfilling tree and effortlessly manifest

I know that my fears are unfounded

I let unimportant issues fall away and forgive

I now am aligned with my intentions and able to carry them out

Releasing self-sabotage is easily combining with Theta state for deep release

Toroidal field expands around me and maximizes manifestational powers...

....and many more included in this series! 



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Sherilyn Dec 8th 2020


I love the affirmations, it helps my mood stay positive, and the manifestation starts occuring very fast, depending on what you are trying to manifest. It allows the law of attraction to start happening in your life.

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