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Did you know that Spleen Qi Deficiency could lead to difficulties in losing weight? Or that Lung Qi Deficiency could lead to susceptibility to colds/flu? 

Test yourself for these Chinese Medicine Energetics including Heart Blood Deficiency, Heart Fire, Lung Qi Deficiency, Liver Qi Stagnation and much more! 

Bladder Shu Points imbalance

Collapsed Yang

and key energetic points:

Point Zero Ear Point

Shen Men Ear Point

Stomach 36 Master Point

Stomach 40 Phlegm Point

Stomach Fire

Tranquilizer Point Ear Point 

Gallbladder 20

Gallbladder 21

Heart 5

Heart 6

Heart 7

Heart Blood Deficiency

Kidney 1

Kidney 3

Kidney 6

Kidney 7

Large Intestine 1

Large Intestine 2 


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Jane Warkentien May 9th 2020

Chinese Medicine and TCM Library

I have already used this several times with clients as it gives another dimension in harmonizing imbalances in the body. I like to use it along with the Meridians and even the Young Living Oils on Emotions on Body Point (Carolyn Mein). I really like this panel even though I may not have a background in Chinese Medicine, I know that it is helping my clients.

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