Kidney Harmonizing Program

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This is a series of 5 libraries all related to Kidney Health and conditions. Included in this series are:

Kidney Anatomy

Kidney Assessment 

Kidney Cancer Healing

Kidney Gout 

Kidney Solutions 

**The Genius Biofeedback system is a tool for stress reduction and is not intended in any way to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.


Reviews (2)

Carol Sorum May 6th 2023

Kidney Harmonizing

Great library if you're struggling with kidney stones or any bladder issues.

Vicki Aug 6th 2022

Very helpful

I purchased this library to use with a specific client who found the results to very accurate to what is medically known about the kidney issue she is experiencing. We have only used it during one session so far but she reports she is feeling much less stressed and not having any current pain. Kidneys are such an important detox organ this library should be a part of everyone's Genius!

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