Weight Loss Custom Testing Panels

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Get incredible Weight Loss Testing Panels for you and your clients!

For the full list of Weight Loss Libraries check out the link below:
Weight Loss Libraries List

These panels are amazing for testing and balancing and they get results.

  • Weight Release 1 Core Elements
  • Weight Release 2 Assessment
  • Weight Release 3 Systems
  • Weight Release 4 Affirmations
  • Weight Release 5 Emotions
  • Weight Release 6 Solutions
  • Weight Release 7 Brown Fat
  • Weight Release 8 Vitamins
  • Weight Release 9 Minerals 
  • Weight Release 10 Amino Acids
  • Weight Release 11 Essential Oils
  • Weight Release 12 Food Plans
  • Weight Release 13 Practices
  • Weight Release 14 Superfoods
  • Weight Release 15 Fatty Acid Metabolism 

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Jan Nov 21st 2020


We desert dwellers tend to be couch potatoes in the summer months and we pay the price for it, weight wise. In order to get things in check before the holiday feasting begins, I downloaded the Weight loss library a couple of days ago. and have run it for myself and for a friend who has a Quanta Capsule.t The first thing each of us noted was that we had a strong urge to get up and take a walk around the block! I am also happy to report that as of this morning, I have lost three pounds. However, I suspect that this may not be the best app to run on a daily basis. Since I use the the Genius Biofeedback app regularly, I generally sleep quite well, but this morning I was wide awake and energized an hour before dawn. The only reason I can think of to explain this is that I ran the weight loss app back to back on two subsequent days. I think I may be overcharging my batteries!

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