Hydration: Cell Quencher Frequencies

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One of the main causes of aging turns out to be the inability to truly hydrate the body at a cellular level. The buildup of toxins over time and the quality of the water we drink all contribute to this. When the body is not hydrated properly for some time, we don't have the resilient, vibrant health that we once experienced. 

Experience the energy you can get from a properly hydrated cell! See changes that are possible! Feel the smooth changes in your skin! Every part of your body can benefit from a stronger level of hydration. 

A selection of the frequencies included in this series is (more are included in the complete library!):

Alkalized Water

Aging now reversed through hydration

Cells now hold more water

Ability to detoxify now restored 

ATP Generated 9.6 Hz

Crystal Energy Phi Sciences

Hydration is now optimized


Lower surface tension

Optimizing ability to hydrate all cells

Oxygenate cells now

Oxygen 5.77 Hz 


Structured Water

True hydration experienced now!

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