Success System Prosperity Panels 6 Panels and Guide (Genius)

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Your Genius Insight is not just for harmonizing health issues. It is a powerful tool that acts like an oracle. You can manifest that which you want in the area of health, wealth, relationships and more. The Success System is one such way that you can utilize the Genius to work for your positive change in the world. You can work quickly for your day by running the first 3 panels and choose from those just 3 items each, perhaps the top 3 or the the bottom 3 items that come up for you. 

Use these special Success panels each day to magnetize opportunity, right timing, abundance, financial flow and much more! Find the energies and affirmations that resonate the highest for you today! 

 Quick Success System Daily Harmonizing 


Success System 1 Energetics - Choose 3 or more

Success System 2 Affirmations - Choose 3 or more

Success System 3 Mantras - Choose 1

Solfeggio Tones- 528 Hz (Creating Miracles) , 639 Hz (Connecting Relationships), 396 Hz (Liberating Guilt and Fear). 

Flower Essences - Choose 3 or more

Brain EEG - Theta (remove subconscious blocks)

Sacred Geometry- Toroids (connect with heart and Universal consciousness)

Place all these items into the Main Hold Tray.

Bring them into Progressive Insights. 

Which are now the 3 highest items? 


Harmonize for 5-15 minutes. Feel the abundance pouring in! Enjoy! 

Also includes:

Success System 4 Prosperity Symbols

Success System 5 Successful Ventures

Success System 6 Successful People Frequency. 


Want a full list of Success + Potential Libraries? Check out the link below:

Success and Potential Libraries


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