What is the Quanta Capsule? How does it work? How do you use it? All you questions answered here!

Genius Quanta Capsule

Provide your client's with custom frequencies in between your sessions!

What is the Quanta Capsule?

Think of the Capsule like an extended session app for your client. After a session you may encourage them to use the frequencies daily but how would they do that without being a Genius Owner - here is where the capsule comes in! When your client purchases a capsule from you, you can then send them frequencies to play for the next 7 days. After that the frequencies expire and they would schedule their next session.

Here are some quick and convienent guide on using the Quanta Capsule and below are some video tutorials:

How to use the Quanta Capsule:

Quanta Capsule Tutorial 1: How to use your dashboard

Quanta Capsule Tutorial 2: Client's View within Capsule App

Quanta Capsule Tutorial 3: Voice and Image Upload and Practitioner Navigation

Maximize your impact with the Genius Quanta Capsule:

How to export to a Quanta Capsule - from Main Hold Tray or Progressive Insights!

Quanta Capsule Purchases and Bundles:

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Bigger Bundles: