High Vibe Nutrition Series (4 Sessions)

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The ultimate nutrition course for people who want to raise their vibration and live a disease-free life filled with joy. Learn the science behind the most satisfying and health promoting nutrition on the planet. Get past the fad diets being promoted by so-called health gurus (often secretly backed by the processed food industry) and learn the foods that truly support health and longevity. This course is available to receive all the downloads, videos, scientific studies, recipes, shopping list and much more.

As a person aware of energy and resonance, you may be interested in maximizing your health, slowing the aging process and raising your vibration. Doing this is not difficult or filled with deprivation. For 10,000 years, civilization has flourished. People all over the globe, in large populations. consumed rice, potatoes, barley, millet, corn and other starch based foods as a steady (and main) source of calories. These real, whole foods are filled with the vitamins, minerals, fiber and other constituents that cause human beings to thrive. Feel good again in your body and find how easy it is to achieve a healthy weight when you come to recognize what your food really is. Do pasta, lentil soup, potatoes and sweet potatoes sound good, or even make your mouth water? That's because this is your food. This course is recorded and available for download. Listen as many times. Use recipes and resources!

In the 4 sessions of this course you will learn:
- How a Paleo food plan could be silently poisoning you and destroying your health.
- Why low-carb diets have more toxins than any other food plan.
- How fat affects blood-sugar regulation even more than sugar itself.
- How this diet can help people with autoimmune disease despite fad diet folks saying otherwise (with zero science to back them up).
- Why high protein food plans may switch on tumor-producing genes and how to avoid this.
- Why most diets recommended online today contain a fat percentage so high, it is nearly impossible to lose weight.
- Why the "fat you eat is the fat you wear" and how this concept can make you release weight more easily than ever before!
- How to shop and prepare these foods in a simple way that is incredibly delicious.
- Maximize your vibrational frequency with this food filled with photonic light.
- Raise your vibration and more easily channel energy within your being.
- Share this information with others and get better biofeedback results with your clients.
- Finally, learn how to feel full and satisfied every day and never diet again.

You will receive in the class:
- Complete shopping list to get set up for success.
- Delicious mouth-watering recipes. These recipes are simple and can be prepared in under 30 minutes.
- The science behind the information so you can confidently move forward.

Reviews (4)

Jing Zhou Jan 5th 2021

Eye opening, science backed and mind blowing information

If you consider taking a nutrition course, please take this one! There are so much eye opening, science backed and mind blowing information in these 4 sessions. I listened to these 4 courses twice and I am still listening to it, which is my 3rd time. These four courses cleared some wrong concepts that I have been holding, such as carbs make you fat. Once I change to plant based diet, my weight has been very well managed and those age spots on my face are diminishing. I feel I have endless energy everyday. Take this 4 courses ASAP and you will NOT regret!

Sophia Bouge Mar 15th 2019

I lost 13 pounds!

The weight came off so easily! The recipes are easy to prepare and my InstantPot comes in so handy each and every day. This powerful information has change my life. Thank you!

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