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Practitioner Level Training

What is Practitioner Level Training?

Practitioner Level training is designed to deepen your skill level as a quantum biofeedback practitioner. Combine the very best in strategies and protocols with the essential concepts of holistic health. All courses are taught Dr. Ariel Policano, a naturopathic doctor.

Our Top Courses

Business Launch Pad

The Genius Biofeedback system is one of the easiest to use for a home based bioresonance practice. You can do everything remotely. Get all you need to grow your Genius business! Forms, Templates, Marketing Strategies, etc.

Energy Medicine Course

Are you ready for a deep dive into Energy healing, the science behind it, and better understanding technologies available?

Biological Dentistry

Learn how to keep your teeth healthy for life!

What do you most need to know to keep your teeth healthy for life? How do the teeth work? What is the best way to prevent cavities? What should you do in case of infection? What is oil pulling? What are the best products to use on your teeth?

Science of Manifestation Course

Learn how to combine the science behind affirmations, intentions, and frequencies!

Library Creation Course

Anyone who wants to create libraries for personal use or to eventually offer them for sale can get tremendous benefit from this course!

Assemblage Point

Learn what the Assemblage Point in the body is, why it MUST be adjusted to fully regain good health, how emotional and physical trauma move the assemblage point and how to use biofeedback to return it to its optimal location.

Endocrine Regeneration Course

These classes seek to enhance your ability to understand common conditions you face in your clients, in way that a naturopathic doctor understands these conditions, along with the related natural solutions.

21 Day

Are you interested in being an amazing powerful person at any age? Protect your vessels, reverse the damage and join me for my 21-Day Transformation program!


This is a 4 part course that takes you through the process of releasing emotional wounds at a cellular level! So powerful!