Emotional Reset: Calm and Comfort in Difficult Times

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Do you find yourself wanting a convenient set of frequencies you can send to friends, loved ones and clients to create comfort and calm. This set of frequencies is powerful. 

"Ariel, I want to let you know that I have already started using the Emotional Reset series on myself! I am amazed at how soothed I felt. There is something indeed in this set that does the trick for these times." Shana, Genius Practitioner in Nashville. 

This series includes 3 sets of libraries. Any one of the set is completely stand alone, so you can just set it on Quick Balance and let it run. 

Emotional Reset 1: Anxiety Relief/Calm and Comforted - Includes Rife frequencies for calming anxiety. Includes "Deep Level of Comfort", "Brain frontal lobe optimize", "100% Alignment with concept that All is Well", Dopamine, emotional trauma release for childhood, Limbic system reset, Nervous system normalize, Phosphorylated Serine, St Johns Wort, Saffron, Rhodiola rosea. 

Emotional Reset 2: Depression Life and Embrace Joy - Includes Rife frequencies to lift mood and create joy. 

Emotional Reset 3: Trauma Clear/Ground in Present Time - When one is in trauma, it is not easy to stay grounded or in present time. These trauma clearing frequencies help to reset the brain and assist the person in being more grounded. 


Want a full list of libraries related to Emotions? Check out the link below:

Emotions Library List


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Joyce Green Aug 10th 2020

Emotional Reset

Love this library! Who doesn't need a happy generator!!

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