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You can achieve just about anything with one very powerful tool! It is called a SwitchWord! You can achieve what you've set your heart on when you use SwtichWords! With the Genius, combine the frequency of the Switchwords to increase the power of your sessions! 

You achieve what you've set your heart on without meditating, adopting a radical belief system or spending hours learning onlie. Swithwords are uniquely chosen words that switch on your subconscious. They "flip a switch" in your beliefs and behavior at a deep level. 

Some of the incredible Switchwords and combination Switchwords included in this library are:

Change - Use the frequency of Change in order to clear pain from any part of the body or anything that is not wanted

Done - Use the frequency of Done in order to clear fear and experience Peace of Mind.

Shine - Lift your mood

Together-Change-Be - Experience peace of mind 

Divine Order - Creating order at home, in work and in life

Gold - Thrive under pressure

Divine Love Charm Be  - Create ultimate harmony in relationships

Bow-Love-Restore-Powerful - Release the feeling of shame


Want a full list of Success + Potential Libraries? Check out the link below:

Success and Potential Libraries


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