Addiction Healing Frequencies

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Healing all types of addictions for good with this powerful frequency package.

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Addiction Assessment - What is the main cause of the addiction?

Addiction Assessment 2 Neurotransmitters - What are the brain chemical issues contributing to brain issues.

Addiction Assessment 3 Emotional - What emotional wounds and issues have led to this addiction?

Addiction Assessment 4 Brain - Help the energetics of the brain to find peace and harmony.

Addiction Assessment 5 Type - What type of addiction is prominent and in the field?

Addiction Assessment 6 Thought Patterns - Help to heal "all or nothing", "black and white" and other thought patterns that are creating a need to escape with an addictive substance.

Addiction Assessment 7 Brain Health - Heal the brain in order to heal the addiction.

Addiction Solutions Nutrition - What are the best solutions to assist in clearing addiction patterns?


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