We asked 100 participants to answer a weekly questionnaire while doing 1 Genius session per day over the course of 8 weeks. They balanced every day for just 15 minutes. The questionnaire contained 98 questions in the areas of sleep, energy, pain, focus and more. Here are the results.

This is the reduction in participants' symptoms over 8 weeks

Overall study symptom reduction

We wanted to focus on
6 main categories:

        • Pain
        • Sleep
        • Energy
        • Digestion
        • Blood Sugar
        • Brain and Focus

Each participant followed the same process each day. Here is the process:

They rated their symptoms by answering 98 questions one time each week. Here is the list of questions we asked them:

Pain Symptoms Reported

We were surprised to see that one of the biggest drops in pain symptoms reported occurred in the first 7 days. (*)

"My backaches and joint pains were gone by week 2. I have fused vertebrae in my neck since birth making it hard to find a comfortable position while sleeping and often waking up with headaches. The headaches disappeared and now I can sleep with no pain at night." - Sherry L., Research Participant

Pain reduction end of week 4:

Pain Reduction after just one week:

There is a pattern that we began to notice about these results. People made big shifts in their symptoms typically at the end of week 1. This means that just 7 days of using the Genius can make a big difference!


After 8 weeks: a more than 50% drop in pain symptoms reported

Sleep Symptoms Reduction

Many people want to sleep better...

In week 1, we saw a 21% decrease in sleep disturbance symptoms and by the end of week 4 there was a 38% improvement in this area. The quality of sleep affects many things in a person's life; good quality sleep may affect mood, the strength of the immune system, energy levels during the day and much more. Just 7 days of balancing with the Genius.

"My sleep has improved about 25-30% as far as ease in falling asleep." - Diane D, Research Participant

"I has a breakthrough with this daily Genius use. I noticed that I actually slept through the night for the first time in years.” - Ann A., Research Participant

Sleep results after 4 weeks

Improvement is shown by the level of decreasing symptoms about disruption in sleep. Here, symptoms decreased significantly during week 4 of the Research Project.

After 8 weeks: 50% drop in reported sleep disturbance symptoms reported

Fatigue/Energy Symptoms Reduction

Fatigue and Energy

One of the repeated requests from clients is, "I want to have more energy!" Great news, symptoms of fatigue began to go away noticeably within a few weeks of balancing.

Fatigue symptoms are way down

Digestion Reduction

After 4 Weeks

Digestion was one of the largest portions of our process. This is often a problem area and where many other health issues stem from. We had over 20% improvement in just the first 4 weeks.

Digestion at the end of 8 weeks!

“My fatigue symptoms improved. I also had improvement in digestive symptoms and a reduction in frequency of joint stiffness or pain that I had been experiencing upon waking in the mornings.” - Angela H., Research Participant

Weight & Blood Sugar Reduction

One of the biggest struggles we hear are regarding weight, cravings, blood sugar, and finding balance. Here you can see the overall decrease in these exact symptoms simply from using a basic process with the Genius everyday.

“I have less pain in the whole body, better sleep, slight weight loss, and more energy.” - Isabelle, Research Participant

Weight & Blood Sugar after 8 weeks!

Brain + Focus Symptoms Reduction

“I developed more patience, I became able to tune into and go with the flow, I have been less irritable on a daily basis.” - Carolina Z., Research Participant

Progress over the 8 weeks

**Results are the direct reports from Genius users. We do not make any claims about these being typical results or results that could be expected for every user. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.