Make Lightning Fast Progress

Want to make money doing what you already love? The Business LaunchPad gives you motivation and all the tools you need to switch your business on your biofeedback practice!  



  • Get the information you need to start your biofeedback practice right now!
  • All forms, business card templates and brochures make it turnkey
  • Long-time Genius Practitioner, Dr. Ariel Policano, explains the step-by-step process to kickstart your practice
  • Send e-mail newsletters that convert to paying clients
  • Attract new clients easily. We teach you how to host weekly online free class that draws new clients like a magnet
  • Run your business from the comfort of your home. You can send frequencies from anywhere remotely to your client. So convenient for them - and you!


  • Keep clients long-term with our subscription model
  • Be part of a cutting-edge technology that transforms people's lives
  • The way to get started could not be easier with our turnkey plan.
  • Case Study: Marilyn used these strategies and acquired 20 monthly subscribers in just 8 weeks
  • How monthly subscription programs with clients create a financial foundation.
  • EZ session delivery system with the Quanta Capsule; the most convenient way for your client to receive the benefits!

The Genius Business LaunchPad begins on September 15th at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT, but you can watch class at anytime. All classes are recorded and available. 3 classes total and access to all forms and templates included.

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