Detoxification Rife Frequencies (Global Detox) - Body Cleanse, Digestion

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Use frequency for detoxification organs such as kidney, lymph, lungs, liver and skin. These are powerful programmed Rife frequencies for liver, gallbladder, kidney, blood purification and various specific frequencies for types of detox such as Radiation Detox, Plastic Detox and EMF Detox. 

For the full list of Detox Libraries check here: Detox Libraries

For the full list of Rife Frequency libraries check here: Rife Libraries List

Here are some frequencies included in this library (not all listed):

  • Blood Purify 3.92 Hz
  • Cell Regeneration 111 Hz
  • Detox Liver Kidneys Lymph Intestines
  • Glutathione for liver detoxification 
  • Juniper berry for kidney detoxification
  • Liver detoxification 
  • Oxygenated Cells
  • Plastics Detox
  • Radiation Detox and Clear 
  • Skin Detoxification 

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