Heart and Circulation Optimization Program

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Heart and Circulation Optimization Program


528 Hz Energetics Heal the Heart

Abdominal aorta optimize health

All vortices flow well

Aortic valve health repair optimize align with 528 Hz

Arjuna for maximal vessel health and heart contractility

AV Node optimized

Blood circulation improve 

Blood pressure normalize 

Cactus for optimal heart contractility 

Caffeine consumption affecting heart clear effects

Capillaries open and allow flow

Capillaries repair and provide blood flow nutrition and oxygen as needed

Carotid artery optimal health

Chestahedron of heart is aligned allows maximum energy flow

Cholesterol levels normalized

Clear effects of MTHFR mutation

Create conditions for optimal perfusion to eyes

Create conditions for optimal perfusion to kidneys

Damage to flow mechanisms restored 285 Hz

Easily achieving balance between the heart and head

Endothelial cells stem cells

Infections affecting the heart clear now

Magnesium taurate feeds and nourishes the vessels


Microcirculation flowing and working properly

Reduce C Reactive Protein

Stress response affecting vessels

Toroidal energy

Vascular endothelial healing

Vasomotion restored

Vasomotion rhythm optimized and aligned with 7.83 Hz 




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