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Work with the Emotions Code in relationship to your own physical issues. Connect and clear emotions that are connected to physical issues. 

Emotions Code 1 Heart/Small Intestine - Abandonment, Betrayal, Forlorn, Lost, Love Unreceived, Effort Unreceived, Heartache, Insecurity, Overjoy, Vulnerability

Emotions Code 2 Spleen Stomach - Anxiety, Despair, Disgust, Nervousness, Worry, Failure, Helplessness, Hopelessness, Lack of Control, Low Self Esteem

Emotions Code 3 Lung Colon - Discouragement, Rejection, Sadness, Sorrow, Confusion, Defensiveness, Grief, Self-Abuse, Stubbornness

Emotions Code 4 Liver Gallbladder - Anger, Bitterness, Guilt, Hatred, Resentment, Depression, Frustration, Indecisiveness, Frustration, Panic

Emotions Code 5 Kidney Bladder - Blaming, Dread, Fear, Horror, Peaved, Conflict, Creative Insecurity, Terror, Unsupported, Wishy Washy

Emotions Code 6  Glands and Sexual Organs - Humliation, Jealousy, Longing, Lust, Overwhelm, Pride, Shame, Shock, Unworthy

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