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What is the Genius?

How do I learn the basics of the Genius?

Connect with one of our trainers today and get all of your questions answered. Get a free personal demonstration scan! Then, that trainer will then stay in touch with you as you use your 14 Day free trial to answer any questions and assist you as a mentor. Schedule your demonstration scan here!

Would you like to be able to simply record your voice and then see hundreds of pieces of energetic information about vitamins, minerals, herbs and more revealed in seconds?

Imagine a scanner that can quickly identify blockages that are stopping you from achieving your highest goals. Then being able to tap one buttton and create a balancing session to clear the blocks. That technology is here now: it is the Genius Biofeedback system.

Learn more about this exciting technology for free in our special Mini Course. This course is completely free and for those new to the Genius.

Download and Install Guide

Get started with absolute success with our complete step by step guide that will even take you through your first scan. Download that guide here.

Genius Weekly Training

Join us for weekly training - every Monday we go over processes and Genius basics, Be sure to join us here!


You can view tons of training and educational videos over on our YouTube Channel!

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Practitioner Level 1 - 8 Trainings | Genius App

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