Vision Series - Macular Degeneration, Cataracts and More

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Vision Assessment 1

Vision Assessment 2 Eye Muscles

Vision Assessment 3 Eye Anatomy 

Vision Photophobia

Vision Solutions

Cataract Assessment

Cataract Solutions

Macular Degeneration Assessment

Macular Degeneration Solutions


Reviews (2)

Joyce E Green Dec 9th 2020

Doctor proof

I wrote a review in August about improved eyesight with these panels. I went to the eye doctor yesterday for a yearly check up. My vision improved 0.25 in each eye! I don't think the doctor knew what to say!!!

Joyce Green Aug 30th 2020

Improved eyesight

At 50 I was starting to need reading glasses and was becoming uncomfortable driving without glasses. After 6 weeks of using these libraries, I can now read the small print on a medicine bottle again without reading glasses. I am so happy with the results!

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