Ketosis Activation Program

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Some of the benefits of getting into ketosis include weight loss, improved mental clarity, prevention of cognitive decline and more! This series includes:


Ketosis Activation 1: Achieve Ketosis

Fatty acids combine with co-enzyme A to form acetyl CoA chains 

Harmonized gluclose regulation

Optimized beta hydroxybutyrate for maximum fat burning

Slow down the process of oxidation for slower aging

Increased endurance levels for exercise 

Boosted mental function 


Ketosis Activation 2: Optimize Blood Sugar Remedies

Pata de Vaca


Ginseng root 

Cantharnthus roseus

Oplopanax borrium

Ultimas rubra 


Ketosis Activation 3: Maximize lean muscle mass and fat burning

Improved strength 

Acetul L Carnitine 



Slow twitch muscles

Optimal mitochondria function


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