Break a Habit - Create a reset, restart and refresh

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Are you interested in breaking a habit and creating a new reset, restart and refresh? 

This exciting library series includes frequencies that help you to break out of your stuck pattern and begin with a new and fresh vibration. This is such an innovative series of frequencies! Begin any new project with exceptional energy sweeping into the project. 

All the reasons that I create to fail, fall away now

Break the pattern

Changes are OK and I embrace them 140.25 Hz

Energy to create new beginnings

Ganesh energy to remove obstacles 

Honeysuckle Flower Essence - Release the past and embrace the new

I allow transformation 528 Hz

I am 100% willing to move forward and to be successful in this goal

I am finally ready to leave the bad habit behind

I am open to new opportunities

I am ready to feel good again

I am the positive actions

I am willing to be happy

I release the excuses


Release Spleen Qi Deficiency Stagnancy Releases

Rock Water Flower Essence - I release the hardened forces buildup that blocks me



Theta frequency activated

This time I am truly successful through trying

Transition energy; I am open to transition...

....and much more! 

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