Break a Habit - Create a reset, restart and refresh

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Are you interested in breaking a habit and creating a new reset, restart and refresh? 

This exciting library series includes frequencies that help you to break out of your stuck pattern and begin with a new and fresh vibration. This is such an innovative series of frequencies! Begin any new project with exceptional energy sweeping into the project. 

For the full list of Addiction libraries check out the list here! --> Addiction Libraries List

Here are some frequencies included in this library (not all listed):

  • All the reasons that I create to fail, fall away now
  • Break the pattern
  • Changes are OK and I embrace them 140.25 Hz
  • Energy to create new beginnings
  • I allow transformation 528 Hz
  • I am finally ready to leave the bad habit behind
  • I am open to new opportunities
  • I release the excuses
  • Rock Water Flower Essence - I release the hardened forces buildup that blocks me
  • Restart
  • This time I am truly successful through trying

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