Any issue you have with your app --- Try installing the most recent link below first and see if it fixes the issue! 


Genius Links 

Apple IOS Genius Link Use this if your Genius does not work or appears to have issues

Android Genius Google Play Store  Use this if your Genius does not work or appears to have issues.


Do you get the Untrusted Message? If so, be sure to go to the Settings on your device and choose "General" and then choose "Device Management" and then "Trust" or Verify the device. 

Here are some trouble shooting steps to take when your Genius has any issues:

  1. Check the Status Page for any issues. If there are no listed issues, immediately click on the link related to the Genius or other apps. Often, just updating to the most recent version will remedy the issue.
  2. Be sure that the device you use the Genius on is updated to the latest operating system. For Apple users, check your settings and be sure to check for a Software Update. Here is how to find your latest software on your Apple system. For Android, be sure you have the latest version of Android that your device will support.
  3. Check to see that you are connected to WiFi (not cellular data). While its true that the Genius can work without an internet connection, when you are having issues you must connect to WiFi to get the latest version which will usually resolve any bugs or issues.
  4. If you are still experiencing an issue, try logging out and log back in and synch your system by using this video. How to Restore your database video.
  5. If you still have an issue, please report it to the developer:  or call him directly at 800-277-2853.
  6. Please make a note of my contact information:

Quanta Capsule Links

 Apple IOS Quanta Capsule 

Android Google Play Store Quanta Capsule 


Rife App Links

Purchase the Rife here: Rife App Purchase 

Rife App Download 

Android Rife App Link - Android (Samsung and other Android devices) Download Link


Water Harmonizer 

Purchase the Water Harmonizer: Water Harmonizer Purchase

Apple Water Harmonizer - Download link 

Android Water Harmonizer  - Android Water Harmonizer 


Relationship Harmonizer 

Apple Relationship Harmonizer  - Apple Harmonizer 

Android Relationship Harmonizer - Android Harmonizer 


Intention Motivator 

Purchase the Intention Motivator: Intention Motivator Purchase 

Apple Intention Motivator  - Apple Intention Motivator 

Android Intention Motivator - Android Intention Motivator