Business Launch Pad: Activate Your Biofeedback Practice Now

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Have you dreamed about making money doing what you already love - using the Genius to change the lives of those around you? The Genius Biofeedback system is one of the easiest to use for a home based bioresonance practice. You can do everything remotely. With our Quanta Capsule system, you client can send you their voice and picture directly to your Genius! It could not get any easier to work from anywhere - and send frequencies to anywhere. 

Want to do this class for just $99/mo? Click here! Get ready, get set!

You will instantly have access to our exclusive training portal as we as our exclusive chat group, where you can exchange ideas and get support from fellow practitioners. 


Get all you need to launch your Genius Biofeedback Practice:

  • How to get your practice set up
  • How to begin to get subscribers for your practice - why monthly subscribers are your best plan for overall success
  • Intake form for your practice
  • How to use the Quanta Capsule System for your practice
  • Practice Ethics 
  • Brochures for your business 
  • Templates for business cards 
  • Website Basics 101: What to know about setting up your website  
  • How to describe the Genius and how it can transform your clients' lives
  • Social media posts for Facebook and Instagram
  • How to grow your practice with online weekly demonstrations
  • Weekly email templates - send a weekly newsletter to your clients. Formula for success

This course is recorded and will be available to review as many times as you wish. 


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Terry Harrold Feb 10th 2023

Business Launch Pad Course

I have just finished the first part of it, I have downloaded all the materials ahead of time to have them available as the training progresses, this is an excellent feature. I have gone through many training courses in the past to get my certifications in Reiki and also Certifications in Tuning Forks (7) so far. The information presented is good and well organized. I find it pretty easy to learn from and look forward to completing this course. I recommend it to anyone who is serious about launching a Biofeedback business.

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