Total Body Wellness Boost: Expand on Today's Stress Panel

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This series is a way to take a deep dive into the elements mentioned in the panel from System Overview, Today's Stress. Learn more about these different systems in this exciting library! Note the systems that come up the most for your client and assist in finding the root cause - the place that most people are needing assistance to resolve their core issue. 

Here are some of the frequencies included in this library (not all listed):

  • Adrenals - Adrenal Cortex Optimized 747
  • Adrenals - Proper cortisol rhythm is now restored and functioning well
  • Blood Sugar - any leptin resistnace now resolves
  • Brain - Improved ability to concentrate 7.82Hz
  • Cardiovascular - all the chambers of my heart work together with perfect rhythm
  • Cardiovascular - My heart is working with perfect rhythm
  • Digestion - my duodenum is a place for healthy absorption of nutrients
  • Kidneys - Black Cherry Juice for overall kidney function
  • Liver - Biliary Clearing 170.831Hz
  • Pancreas - Any stress affecting my pancreas by electromagnetic frequencies now clears

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