Terahertz Wand 7.0

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Quantum Terahertz technology in the 7.0 Wand! 

Terahertz frequencies are found between far-infrared rays and microwave energy. It refers to electromagnetic waves with frequencies in the range 0.1 to 10 THZ. Researchers have been discovering the health benefits of terahertz therapy on the human body. Terahertz waves can benefit 3-5 centimeters of human skin, directly act on the deep tissue, supplement the energy of life cells, regulate the physiological functions of the body and accelerate the generation and decomposition of cells. 

This wand has a 3 in 1 core technology consisting of terahertz, quantum and optical quartz. When the wand is swtiched on, it is deliving healing waves in the terahertz band wave! 

Terahertz waves activate single molecules, reduces blood viscosity, enhances cell regeneration and may help to slow the process of aging. 

The wand works in 3 powerful ways:

  • Blue light - The wand runs the terahertz frequencies through blue light. Blue light is a high energy, high penetration visible light with a wavelength of 380 - 500 nanometers. Blue light has been associated with the ability to kill bacteria, help to create a good environment to grow new cells, promote the production of collagen and more! 
  • Negative Ions - Negative ions can stimulate the regeneration of the the skin, promote wound healing and assist immunity. Excellent for changing the environment in order to remove dust, sterilize and prevent disease. 
  • Quartz Crystal - Powerful in that it can concentrate energy and release it in one direction. Helps to move the energy generated within the wand. 

Terahertz frequencies can do the following:

  • Acts on the subcutaneous tissue to help to maintain the wellness of cells. 
  • Known to resonate at the same frequency of cells, it can help to powerfully hydrate the cells and harmonize the metabolism of the cell.
  • Reduces blood viscosity which can be good for circulatory health.
  • The high frequency vibration creates a powerfully therapeutic movement with in the cells. This "exercise" helps to tone up the cells and increase the excretion of water.

    * Please note that the Wand is not part of our Genius Biofeedback Affiliate Program. Our program is dedicated to the packages associated with the Genius Biofeedback Software.


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KAT Sep 7th 2023

7.0 terahertz wand

Love this product. Clients express feeling great after just a few minutes of running it all over their bodies

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