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"Using the Genius has transformed my entire family. You can use biofeedback for every aspect of your life."

Kelley Huggett

9 SEPT 2018

"I use the Genius every day in my practice. Having been a long-term biofeedback practitioner, I am amazed at how fast I can get the information and results I need from the Genius."

Deanna Stanley

6 APR 2019

"I use it for home clearing, global healing, just about anything you could imagine. The Genius is a powerful tool to broadcast your intentions."

Sandra C.

15 SEP 2017, 14:42


Reviews (2)

Kelley Huggett Feb 13th 2019

Absolute necessity for myself and my 3 kids!

Am solving issues everyday with the Genius! I love in Southern California an am a very busy Mom. I've used it in so many ways that has saved the day, I don't think I could list all the ways that I've helped myself and my kids!

Sophie Guez Feb 13th 2019

Using it everyday for positive change

I use the Genius personally every day for positive change in myself and my family. I would never be without it. It inspired me to become a biofeedback practitioner!

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