Runes Testing Library

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Runes are mystical and ancient symbols. Use them as a vehicle for transformation and creating intentional miracles and magic in your life!

This set includes:

- Frequency library for the 24 Elder Fukhart Runes (a most powerful set of runes based on the sacred feminine)

- Guide to the Runes including all the Symbols

- Video showing you how to being testing and using your Runes Frequency library for healing, transformation and magic! 



Each rune has a threefold nature:

  • Form
  • Idea
  • Number (It's dynamic nature, revealing relationship to other runes).

Each rune describes energy flows and states related to self, to the planet and to the Universe.

Runes through their symbols express separate world concepts that can be used as focal points for magical and mystical operations.

Use one rune or a combination.


Very potent for creating magic in your life

Create energies for victory, success, protection, rescue from restriction and the gaining of wisdom. 

This frequency testing library is great fun and very powerful! 




Reviews (1)

Jane Warkentien May 9th 2020

I love the Rune Panel

I can always find Runes that I can use when I am creating new panels. They are mysterious and magical—bring a perspective I hadn’t thought about. I also like to run this panel on myself. What’s the highest Rune for me that day. It gives me insight as to what I need to contemplate or meditate on. Just like the Bach Flower that shows up for you, the Rune that is the highest reveals insights for you.

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