What is a Remedy Plate for?

A remedy plate is used for imprinting. This means you can imprint your frequencies into items. While the options are endless the common uses are bracelets, gemstones, water, necklaces, etc. Image being able to get the benefits of your frequencies without running a session, without the Genius with you, just by simply wearing or carrying your imprinted item with you! You can sell imprinted items to your clients, gift them to friends and family, or just use it for your own benefit.

Remedy Plates Available:

Broadcast Remedy Plate (Copper)

Your remedy plate is versatile and easy to use. It is designed with sacred geometry in such a way to maximize the movement of frequency. Gently wipe your remedy plate clean with a cloth to keep it working well for years. The geometric tracings of the circuit board array (called the path of the current) of the remedy plate are designed to allow the generation of scalar waves.

Sacred Geometry Remedy Plate

This is a powerful remedy plate that uses the energy of Sacred Geometry. Connect this plate to your Genius Biofeedback System. Now, play frequencies from your Genius. These frequencies will be programmed into whatever you place on the plate! Frequencies will also be positively impacted by the beautiful labyrinth design of this plate!

Triple Layer Remedy Plate

The Triple Layer Remedy Plate has 3 Layers of sacred geometric images built on top of each other. Receive the powerful resonances of each layer in your imprinting work. This plate has its own power source and can work in a stand alone way for doing room or home clearing. It also makes an excellent broadcaster. To do this, you do not need anything on the plate. Play the frequencies from the Genius when the remedy plate is connected. This will work to move the frequencies into the room, home and land nearby. This is a an awesome way to clear a space! The Triple Layer plate is a work of art to look at and a truly amazing for imprinting gemstones, water and more!

Boosted Remedy Plate

Now imprint more items at once!

Includes 9" by 8" of imprinting space! And broadcasts out frequencies powerfully! Use for gardens, crops, groups of people! . The geometric tracings of the circuit board array (called the path of the current) of the remedy plate are designed to allow the generation f scalar waves. Each of the 4 layers of the plate contains a very specific and precise geometric pattern that generates energy vortices where the tracing line crosses.

Everything you need to know about your Genius Remedy Plate!


Create energized water


Digitially program your supplements  


Program Gemstones, Wristbands and much more!


Clear a space by using your remedy plate as a broadcaster of frequencies

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