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Create water remedies!

The Plate.

Our Genius biofeedback remedy broadcast plate is powerful! Use it to create water remedies by connecting it to the Genius. Create personalized gemstones, jewelry and more. Amplify the effects of every session with this scalar copper tracings plate!  

Specific sacred geometry increases the reach of your Genius frequencies and creates sacred water remedies.

This plate connects to your device and allows you to import frequencies or broadcast frequencies. If you would like to place your remedies into your Genius, including supplements, flower essences and more then this remedy plate is for you. You can also broadcast frequencies of the Genius into water, herbal tinctures, crystals, stones and jewelry.

Remedy Plate in caseYour remedy plate is versatile and easy to use. It is designed with sacred geometry in such a way to maximize the movement of frequency. Gently wipe your remedy plate clean with a cloth to keep it working well for years. The geometric tracings of the circuit board array (called the path of the current) of the remedy plate are designed to allow the generation of scalar waves.

Genius and Remedy Plate Each of the 4 layers of the plate contains a very specific and precise geometric pattern that generate energy vortexes where the tracing line crosses. Included with your remedy plate is a carrying case, a 6 foot extension wire, and silicon bands for imprinting and wearing! Create a harmonizing protocol and connect your remedy plate. Place one of the wristbands on the remedy plate. Run the Genius frequencies for 5 minutes while the plate is connected. Then, you or the client will wear the wristband.

Remedy Plate Case

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