The Science of Manifestation: The Art and Science of getting what you want in life! (Affirmational Magic)

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Have you ever used affirmations as a way to have less pain, heal yourself, manifest a relationship or increase abundance? While these are all possible, what is the most effective way to use affirmations? What is the science behind the use of intention to manifest? What are the powerful frequencies within the human voice that can give you an edge. This is a fascinating class combining the science behind affirmations, intention and broadcasting frequencies. It also gives you a step by step process to move from the habitual negative thoughts and immediatly move into the positve ones. The state you are in is your attraction point. From your current emotional state, you are drawing everything to you that is a match! Experience the tremendous breakthrough you have been searching for. Join us! Special Installment Plan of just $99/mo

This is a 6 class series beginning on Thursday, June 16th at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT. We meet weekly and the classes are all recorded for you to view as many times as you wish. Other meetings are the following weekly Thursdays: 06/23, 06/30, 07/07, 07/14 and 07/21.   



The Science of Intention - Brain Plasticity. The electrical field within the brain is your broadcaster


The Power of the human voice - using your voice to manifest even faster 

Transformation Now: The step by step process for manifestation

The Science of Language - the frequencies of letters and words. Using intention, voice and language together for ultimate manifestation 


The Power of Sound - Combining frequencies with affirmations. Make your affirmations powerful with these key frequencies and tones. The Symbols, Colors and Frqeuencies that maximize manifestation 

Creating your world how you want it. Finding negative thoughts and moving into possibility and then to manifestation. Secrets and affirmations for manifestation and financial success.


**The Genius Biofeedback system is a tool for stress reduction and is not intended in any way to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.


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Andrea S Jul 28th 2022

It was beyond transformational!

am so impressed with the tangible result I obtained through this course! Not only we received detailed instructions on how to work with affirmations, obstacles and turnarounds, but we also received in-depth information about the science manifestation. I peeled multiple layers of objections and was able to understand how limitations come to exist. I saw first hand how the mind can be tricky but the process handouts guided me step by step in the process.

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