I Ching Hexagrams : Ancient Knowledge for Transformation

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Use the I Ching Hexagram frequencies as a guide for you to move forward in your life. As you review the reds and blues in this series, it will help you to understand which Hexagram is most active for you today. From here, you can dive into the meaning of the hexagram to contemplate the guidance and wisdom it is revealing to you. The meanings of the Hexagram are written right into the library! This makes it much easier to learn and utilize them. Here are some examples:

  • Hexagram 1 - Heaven over Heaven - Support Exists to take decisive action
  • Hexagram 8 - Water over Earth - Working for upliftment of humanity. Working for the greater good
  • Hexagram 11 - Earth over Heaven - Enjoy the peace that is coming into your life. Use this time with wisdom. 
  • Hexagram 19 -Earth over Lake - Great opportunity is at hand. Listen to your inner voice as well as wise counsel of others. 
  • Hexagram 22 - Mountain over Fire - You can find beauty in any person or situation if you look for it. 
  • Hexagram 34 - Thunder over Heaven - Make the most of what the universe is giving to you
  • Hexagram 41 - Mountain over Lake - Simplify things in your life. Get back to the basics. 
  • Hexagram 46 - Earth over Wind - Be patient as you progress toward success. Siccess is iminent when slow, steady steps are taken. 
  • Hexagram 59 - Wind over Water - Be persistent but patient on your path. 
  • Hexagram 61 - Wind over Lake - Returning to one's inner truth. Be honest and straightforward to have success. 

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