Hormonal Wellness Bundle

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The Hormonal Wellness Bundle includes a full array of our best hormonal balancing libraries. Get them now at a deep discount and enjoy all the balancing benefits! See what this bundle includes:

Comprehensive Frequencies

Hormonal Wellness Pack

The hormonal wellness pack covers a vast array of issues that may be contributing to homronal imbalance as well as many solutions. Included in the hormonal wellness pack is Hormonal Disturbance Assessment, Hormonal Conditions, Hormonal Disturbance Solutions and Hormones - Women's Reproductive System and Sexual Vitality. Learn more here!

Total Hormonal Optimization Program

With all that we are exposed to in addition to our body changing as we age our hormones can go haywire! Balance your hormones today with our Total Hormonal Optimization Series - This is a series of 7 libraries covering Estrogen Balancing, Progesterone Balacing, Cortisol Balancing, Testosterone Balancing (Men), Testosterone Balancing (Women), DHEA Balancing, and Melatonin Balancing. Learn more here.

Menopause Solutions Pack

This series contains 4 libraries related to - Hormones, Lifestyle, Yin Deficiency, and General Solutions. Learn more here!

Fertility Support

Promoting fertility is a matter of balancing hormones, reducing stress levels and eliminating harmful estrogen mimickers such as plastics and heavy metals. This series of libraries includes 1 to help to understand the reasons for the fertility issue and then to provide herbal and supplemental remedies that might be beneficial when run as energetics in the Genius. Learn more here!

Hormones Optimized: Communication and Balance

This library includes rife frequencies and hololinguistic direction about communication between the endocrine system and creating balance with both words and frequencies. Learn more here!

Hormones Optimized: Womens Hormones

Frequencies for Women's Hormonal Balance. Learn more here!


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