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The DesBio supplement line is available here for Genius Biofeedback Testing. 

The DesBio products are a unique combination of Homeopathic Remedies, Nutritionals and Botanicals. The following lines from the DesBio products have been entered into the Genius, which is well over 500 products from the DesBio line:

DesBio - Detoxification Addicleanz, MSG detox, Carcinocin, Detox 1, Detox II, Detox III, Energy Catalyst, Hydrangea Complex, Liposomal Glutathione, Liver Drainage, Lymph Drainage, OmniCleanse Capsule, OmniFiber, SpinalMax, Systemic Detox, Taurine, ToyAffix, Vax Reaction.


DesBio - Digestive Health Amylase, BioPro30, BioPro Acute, Digestaze, DysBio Plus, Gastrozyne, GI Distress, Leaky Gut Formula, Lipase, Nausia, OmniMeal, Stomach/Spleen Meridian Opener, ToxAffix.


DesBio - Immune Support Allergy Rescue, Allermilk, BioPro ENT, Bronchial Cough, Enviro I, Enviro II, Family Wellness Kit, Histamine, Sinusitis, SmartSilver, Sulphur Remedy, Sore Throat, Vax Reaction, ViraComp, Virus Plus, Zinc. 


DesBio - Liposomal Liposomal Bio-C, Liposomal Calm, Liposomal Catalyst, Liposomal D3-K2, Liposomal Glutathione, Lipoic Acid, Magnesium, Melatonin, Methyl B, Omega, Restore, Resveratrol-Curcumin, Tone, Vitamin C 


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DesBio - Metal/Emotional - AnXious, CerebroMax, Dopamine, Epinephrine, Focus, GABA, Liposomal Calm, Liposomal Tone, Melatonin, Motivation, LunaSOMM, Multiple Miasm, Neuro 1, Neuro II, PTS/Stress Remedy, Stress EZ, Tryptophan, Vitalyze. 


DesBio - Nosodes/Infections - Amoeba, Bacteria Plus, Bartonella, Bug Bouncer, Candida 1M, Candida 200C, Candida Clear Kit, Co-InfXn, ContraVirus, EBV/CFS Plus, EndoPara Clear Kit, H. Pylori Plus, HerX, Lyme Plus, Mold Plus, PathoGuard, Skin Infections, Strep Plus/PANDAS, Upper Respiratory Staph/Strep Combination, Ver, Virus Plus


DesBio - Pain Management - Celeragesic, Chronagesic, Healing Support, Inflammation, Inflammation II, Insect Bite, OsteoReg, Rheumagesic, Rheumatism, SpinalMax, Trauma Relief Gel, Trauma Remedy, TriCurcumin 


DesBio - Top 10 Remedies - Candida Clear Kit, Endopara Clear Kit, HGH Vitality, Leaky Gut Formula, Liposomal Vitamin C, Metal and Mineral Balancing, OmniCleanse Program, PTS/Stress Homeopathic, Replenish, Thyrosyn 

See the full list of Supplement Line Libraries -- Supplement Libraries List


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Nancy Reinstein Aug 17th 2019


I love this set of frequencies. I do them often and feel they help maintain my health.

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