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"Using the Genius has transformed my entire family. You can use biofeedback for every aspect of your life."

Kelley Huggett

9 SEPT 2018

"I use the Genius every day in my practice. Having been a long-term biofeedback practitioner, I am amazed at how fast I can get the information and results I need from the Genius."

Deanna Stanley

6 APR 2019

"I use it for home clearing, global healing, just about anything you could imagine. The Genius is a powerful tool to broadcast your intentions."

Sandra C.

15 SEP 2017, 14:42

Genius Software and Mastery Training Bundle. Some additional bonus testing frequency panels. Great value. Just 375/mo. Get the Complete Starter Package Now!


Upgraded Plus includes Genius Software and Mastery Bundle. Full Suite of natural health testing panels (over 200). Over $2500 total savings in this bundle. Just 499/mo. Get the Upgraded Plus Package Now!

Genius Elite includes Genius Software and Mastery Bundle. Full Suite of natural health testing panels (over 200). 100 additional supplement and system testing frequency panels.. 2nd Access, Remedy Plate and Practitioner Certification. Over $4000 total savings in this bundle. Just 571/mo. Get the Genius Master Elite Package Now!

Biofeedback that is mobile


Take your Genius with you everywhere! It is truly balancing on the go. Our incredibly mobile platform goes on any tablet or smartphone (Android or IOS Apple).

  • Genius Insight Biofeedback Software Forever License - free updates are always included - and get ALL these bonus testing libraries in this special offer!
  • Video Training and Mastery Guide Book! ($297 value)

Broadcast Your Intentions


Back to School Special - GOOD THROUGH 08/31 ONLY!


Success System for Prosperity Frequencies ($77 value)

Telomeres Activation Program ($97 value)

Healing Addictions ($97 value)

Weight Loss Frequencies ($97 value)

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation Program ($97 value)

Young Living Oils ($97 value)

Vessel Harmonizing Program ($97 Value) - Circulation is everything!

Adrenal Regeneration Program ($97 Value) - Breathe into vitality and energy.


Manifest Your Dreams

The Complete Starter Package Intensive Edition includes more bonuses that we have ever included! Get over $2000 in instant savings. Installment option available - Just 375/mo.




Reviews (2)

Kelley Huggett Feb 13th 2019

Absolute necessity for myself and my 3 kids!

Am solving issues everyday with the Genius! I love in Southern California an am a very busy Mom. I've used it in so many ways that has saved the day, I don't think I could list all the ways that I've helped myself and my kids!

Sophie Guez Feb 13th 2019

Using it everyday for positive change

I use the Genius personally every day for positive change in myself and my family. I would never be without it. It inspired me to become a biofeedback practitioner!

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