Biological Dentistry Course (Includes Libraries)

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Learn how to keep your teeth healthy for life! 

What do you most need to know to keep your teeth healthy for life? How do the teeth work? What is the best way to prevent cavities? What should you do in case of infection? What is oil pulling? What are the best products to use on your teeth? 

Are root canals safe? Should you have one if needed? What about an implant? What are the best materials to use? What is the step by step plan to deal with dental issues and maintain the wellness of your teeth? Find out in this groundbreaking course! This course recorded and available for download. Watch the course as many times as you wish! 

Biological Dentistry 1 - Dental Anatomy
Biological Dentistry 2 - Mineralization
Biological Dentistry 3 - Endocrine Balance
Biological Dentistry 4 - Practices and Affirmations
Biological Dentistry 5 - Root Canal Harmonizing
Biological Dentistry 6 - Infection Clearing and Gum Health
Biological Dentistry 7 - Procedure Recovery
Biological Dentistry 8 - Stem Cells

Want the full list of Dental Libraries available? Check out the list below:

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