Detox and Nourish (Learn the Potato, Rice, Pasta Plan)

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If you have joined us for our Practitioner Hour, you probably know that we often recommend a particular food plan - the Potatoes, Rice, Pasta Plan. This may defy popular culture that tells you to consume a low-carb diet for health, but this is a plan that can help you to lose weight, balance your blood sugar and take back your health on so many levels. You can see a short version of the plan here.

Learn with us as we go through the program together, using some detox smoothies and recipes to help us with the transition. This way of eating combines well with your biofeedback practice. Experience the greatest benefit from frequencies when your circulation, your digestion and your immune system are supported by nourishing food. Ariel has designed this nutritional program from beginning to end after many years of practice and nutritional research.

Could fish oil be suppressing your immune system? Is olive oil healthy for the heart or could it damage the inner lining of the heart? Is your current intake of protein doing more harm than good (kidney damage and more!)? How much protein do human beings need? How does fat interfere with blood sugar regulation? Can this way of eating help to balance hormones and prevent hormonal-based cancers like breast and prostate cancer? And maybe even help with the healing of these diseases? (short answer, yes!)

Course runs on Wednesdays beginning April 10th at 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern time and runs for 3 additional subsequent Wednesdays. Can't make our live sessions? The recording will be posted right after the class completes. Watch as many times as you wish!

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Take our course in installments: Get start for just $65 (discount automatically applied)

Class 1

Why Detox the body? What are the benefits? How can you help the body with a digestive cleanse. Our cleanse includes a combination of smoothies, healing broth recipes, salads and delicious nourishing dishes. How food changes the energy of the body. Learn how the body makes energy through the mitochondria

Includes recipes for smoothies, juices and broths as well as other nourishing meals.

Class 2

Protein - how much do we need? Should we pursue a diet high in protein? What are the implications for the kidneys and liver.

Gain a greater understanding of how human nutrition works. Understand the origins of why protein was so highly recommended, how much protein we really need and what foods can best provide this. What are the dangers of consuming excess protein? Learn about how the body makes energy and what foods the body truly derives energy from. Gain knowledge for your longevity and health.

Class 3

Do I really need healthy fats? Learn from a physiology perspective why "the fat you eat is the fat you wear." Did you know that you could get all the fat you need from whole, unprocessed food. Many foods that are recommended as "healthy" fats may also carry a high load of toxins (toxins get concentrated in fat). Is olive oil a healthy food? Or could it do more harm than good? Are vegetable oils safe or are they known to cause cancer? Learn about the risks fo taking fish oil as a supplement.  Discover the real reason it is so hard to lose weight! Learn the secrets to true, lasing weight loss.

Understand more about the liver/gallbladder and how they support detoxification of the body. Learn to care for the body with the best practices for liver and gallbladder wellness.

Class 4

Nourish your body and live with joy! Learn how the starch centered diet helps you to avoid heart disease, diabetes and cancer. This is such a powerful and delicious way of eating!

- The true cause of heart diseas and strokes and how to avoid them

- The true cause of diabetes and how to prevent this or reverse it in your life!

- Keep your brain healthy for life - how to have the best cognitive function



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