Affirmations for Rejuvenation and Longevity - Detox, Thyroid, Immune, Energy

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Affirmations for a Whole Body Experience of Rejuvenation! These are frequencies created to support wellness and vitality. Which affirmations come up for you today? 

Here are some of the affirmations included in this library:

  • All the cells of my body communicate and cooperate well together (Cellular)
  • Any developing kidney stones are now easily dissolved and released (Kidney)
  • Every cell in my body is healthy and well
  • Every cell of my body is healthy and well (Cellular)
  • I am a willing participant in my quest toward optimized health and wellness
  • I am now able to regulate my blood sugar inthe most optimized way possible (Pancreas)
  • My blood pressure is now optimized for my greatest health (Circulatory)
  • My brain is able to produce the perfect amount of dopamine I need for healthy mood, wound healing, sleep and more (Brain)
  • My brain produces all the growth hormone I need for regeneration and healing of my cells (Brain)
  • My cortisol rhythm is now optimized for my best health and slowest physiological aging (Adrenal)
  • My gallbladder is able to concentrate and store bile efficiently (Gallbladder)
  • My intestines now are able to assist the most balanced mix of healthy gut bacteria
  • My liver enzyme system now fully detoxifies any exposure (Liver)
  • My metabolism is healed and regenerated so I can easily maintain and healthy weight (Metabolism)
  • My natural killer cells are present in the perfect amount to reduce any tumors and optimize my immune system function
  • My pancreas now produces the optimal amount of lipase for optimal digestion
  • My pineal gland produces all the melatonin I need for restful and restorative sleep (Pineal)
  • My sleep cycel is now optimized to suport my best health and slowest physiological aging (Adrenal)
  • My thymus gland now comes alive again and produces all the T Cells I need (Thymus)
  • The mucosa of my gut now is completely repaired and healed
  • The strong and clear boundary of my mucosa in my small intestine supports my immune system and my digestive system (Small Intestine)

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