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"Using the Genius has transformed my entire family. You can use biofeedback for every aspect of your life."

Kelley Huggett

9 SEPT 2018

"I use the Genius every day in my practice. Having been a long-term biofeedback practitioner, I am amazed at how fast I can get the information and results I need from the Genius."

Deanna Stanley

6 APR 2019

"I use it for home clearing, global healing, just about anything you could imagine. The Genius is a powerful tool to broadcast your intentions."

Sandra C.

15 SEP 2017, 14:42


Reviews (2)

Melina Dec 9th 2020

So Thorough and Well-Created and so Complete

I recently upgraded from Elite to Master Elite and here is a couple of reasons why: First of all it has over 600 panels in there! The possibilities of what you can do, and who can help is endless with this amazing panel. Even the stuff that you didn't think of you wanted to do, this package inspires you to do! Second of all my practice is based solely on food allergy analysis through the use of biofeedback. Master elite includes more extensive panels that is has upgraded my business to a whole new level! This is a great value and package. I'm very impressed with it. Thank you!

Sheila Mirzas Nov 8th 2020

Best Value!

I was looking at all the packages, but was impressed with the amount and variety of frequencies you can receive with this package! I have used these many times: Microbiome, Methylation, Thyroid Balance, Biological Dentistry and more! Amazing opportunity to balance from my IPad. Love it!

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