V Shed Complete Protection and Clear Effects

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Be ready for anything - use these frequencies before you go out - during - and after! We don't know who has had the "jab". Use these powerful frequencies as an energetic shield wherever you go. 

Some of the frequencies included in this series are:

Activated charcoal

Complete immunity to shedding

Completely reject and disarm any nanobots

Ozonated energy completely neutralizes all shedding immediately

Pyrophillite Clay

Transmission becomes disabled

Transmission effects are disabled and released

Transmission is not possible my shield is impenetrable

Violet flame completely surrounds and protects me now 


Reviews (2)

Jane Warkentien May 28th 2021

Needed this panel now more than ever

Hits the nail on the head in terms of addressing the jab. Frequency may be the only hope for the double jabbers. All 40 million Americans & those jabbed worldwide need these frequencies run on them.

Robin Thomason May 25th 2021

V Shed Complete Protection

I'm a nurse and I am surrounded by individuals who have received the jab. I use the frequencies in addition to supplements to assist in protecting my body.

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