Muscular Revitalization Program 1-5 (Including Craniosacral)

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Here are some, but not all, of the frequencies included in this series:


Muscular Revitalization Program 1 Craniosacral Energetics:

Articular of the mobility of the cranial bones

Mobility of cranial bones


Cerebral aqueduct

Lateral ventricle left


Muscular Revitalization Program 2 Polarity:

Collar Bone Solar Plexus polarity move shoulder neck focus

Toe pulls polarity move foot leg and knee focus

Brushing off legs knees and leg focus

Knuckle rub polarity movement

Cuboid ankle rotation heel and toe focus polarity focus

Thumb web and forearm stimulation hand arm shoulder focus

Muscular Revitalization Program 3 Trigger Point Energetics:

Phasic contraction optimized sufficient movement for muscle to produce movement of attachments

Deltoid Anterior Trigger Points Clear

Serratus Anterior Left Trigger Point Blockages Cleared

Cutaneous trigger points now balanced

Pectoralis minor left trigger points cleared

Masseter Trigger Points Cleared Foot Yang Ming Stomach Meridians optimized

Muscular Revitalization Program 4 Shiatsu:

Bladder Channel Cleared Leg Greater Yang Harmonized

Spleen Channel Leg Greater Yin Optimized Hormonal Balance Restored

Kidney 1 Optimized release headaches relieve exhaustion

Heart Channel Cleared Sleep Pattern Restored

Lung Protective Ki Increase as needed

Large Intestine Channel Arm Sunlight Yang Cleared Constipation Harmonized

Muscular Revitalization Program 5 Orthobionomy:

5th Lumbar Release for healing of low back pain

Wrist reflex point blockage cleared allow coccyx to align

Quadratus Lumborum Release

Pelvic release successful to boost and harmonize thyroid health

Dropped Leg Release

Sacroiliac Joint Release




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