Urgent - Important Update Info for Genius Mandatory Update (Apple users only)

Every year we are required to update our Apple License to comply with Apple rules and regulations. This Saturday January 28th 2023 you will receive an in-app software update. Please follow the prompts when this update appears.

1: To be extra safe, before the update; backup your device to the Cloud Genie. (Open your Genius, go to Navigation then select Settings and select the Cloud Genie: Sync Database)

2: After the update, you will be logged out. Please login using your same email and password credentials and re-download your database.

We wanted to be proactive and alert you to this beforehand. Here is a guide, if needed, to restore your database once you've logged back in. 

How to Restore your Genius database - Guide

Is This Applicable To Both The LIVE Genius and Beta Genius Download Links?

Yes. Depending on which app you are currently using, you will receive the same in-app purchase.

Will My LIVE Genius Update To The New Beta Genius?

No. The original 16.9.7 build will remain exactly the same.

What Happens If I Do Not Update?

Your Apple Certificate will continue to work for a while longer but eventually you will receive the alert message “Genius No Longer Available”At that time you will be forced to update.

Why Does Apple Require This Process?

The Genius is not currently listed on the Apple Store and as such a different distribution license is employed. However these licenses are very sought after and not easy to come by. Apple tracks these licenses meticulously. As such every year we have to go through a strenuous approval process. Once approved, a new distribution certificate is issued by Apple.

This certificate needs to be installed into each and every Apple IOS device. 

Here is a guide, if needed, to restore your database once you've logged back in.

How to Restore your Genius database - Guide